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Postpartum: A Poem

There's a hair in my bowl
There's some hair on my coat
There's so much hair in the tub
-that I'm starting to float.

There's pills for my health
There's pills for depression
With a dime for each pill
-I could end the recession.

My chest is all sore
My skin is all saggy
I wish that my clothes
-were a little bit baggy.

I wake up at one
I wake up at four
I wake up at every
-stupid creak in the floor.

I changed clothes last month
I showered last week
As you can imagine
-I'm starting to stink.

There's toys on the floor
There's laundry in piles
Sometimes I just wish
-I could sleep for awhile.

I went to the store
Took the baby along
I thought that I'd...
That I'd... z z z z z z z z


Cannwin spends her time searching for her inner Shakespeare in the hopes that one day she will be able to dethrone the king and take her place as the greatest writer of all time. She currently resides in South Dakota with her husband and four children. You can explore more of her world at The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin.

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