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Stuff We Like This Week

stuff we like

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The Barrel is Out and we’re in love.  Seriously, check out the April issue of The Barrel. I mean, IF ANYTHING, you have to at least check your horoscope. I’m an Aries, and I admit: I wonder about me too. just might possibly be the coolest site I’ve ever come across. It makes sending your missionary a care package SO EASY. They have birthday packages, and get well packages, and even a beef jerky package! AND they send to ALL missions world. wide…. seriously, so cool.

Mormon Daddy Blogs: Just when you thought the menfolk couldn’t get any cooler…. Go forth and subscribe. And give ‘em a Twitter shout if you’re into that kind of thing, @mormondadblogs.

Posts we heart:

And now a video with a backstory: When I was 9ish, an a cappella group sang at the local high school. They were called Vocal Point, and it was the most fun I had ever had at a concert.  And until recently, I had thought that they were a one time deal and had broken up years and years ago, never to be heard from again…. HOWEVER, apparently it’s a perpetual group with members changing all the time, and it’s their 20th anniversary! (be still my heart) At any rate, love them with me, ‘kay? And go buy their very first album ever that I used to have on tape... as in cassette.

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