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Stuff We Like This Week


stuff we like

Sites We Heart:

Liken 365: Such a great concept for a blog! He goes through his day, and then finds one scripture that he can liken unto himself and the things he did that day. LOVE THIS! It’s a great way to practically apply the scriptures to your life! Besides, he’s a BBoy, so what’s NOT to like?

Bishop Higgins: Good Gracious! Sweet Balls of Fire! We read this blog and seriously laughed so hard we were crying! The audio recording of his “executive secretary” leaving a message on someone’s phone about Scout Camp Physicals? We laughed so hard that we had to listen to it THREE TIMES to get the full impact of the humor. Bishop Higgins is hysterical and you are missing out if you don’t subscribe. Particularly on finding out what the 8th most popular sin was last week!

Modern Mormon Men: We love the subtle nod to Man Mens Don Draper. Only he has a bottle in his hand instead of that “other stuff.”  This is group project that has some of the wittiest of our male counterparts writing and waxing strong. It’s a great compilation and you should totally follow. Bishop Higgin’s Talk for General Conference is Must Read! As well as the Birthing Plan. They have a facebook page, too so make sure you Like Them. We do! 

Mormon Life Hacker: This blog is AWESOME! It’s a spin-off of the popular blog Life Hacker only he takes it one step further for us Mormons. He has figured out all sorts of Life Hacks to simplify Mormon Life: like how to pay your tithing online (we signed up—LOVE IT!) How to use Google Voice to connect with the youth or how to get daily scriptures delivered to your Kindle. This blog is an essential in any Mormons Reader!

Posts We Heart:

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Prone to Wander

And that’s what’s rockin’ our blog world this week!

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