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Stuff We Like This Week

stuff we like


Sites We Heart:

While adding an additional 130+ blogs this past week to the MMB directory, we stumbled across some great music playlists:

None of your beeswax *especially love the Sufjan Stevens version of “Come Thou Fount”

Life is a gift – great, mellow tunes to listen to while you work on the ‘puter.

Passionista Presents – excellent new playlists every single month.

Posts We Heart:

Caption this Mormon Ad

Dance of Every Day Life

For Her (that’s one of the reasons I blog, too)

Sparkly Puffy Heart Love this Antique Window Frame

Want some FREE Easter-ish Clip Art?

Interesting Article on LDS Men & Marriage

Lastly, If you’re not reading Rabbit in the Headlights, you should be.

See you next week!

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