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What's that smell? Is that opportunity knocking?

I'm feeling pretty good today despite the recent car troubles I had yesterday. I refuse to let that get me down. I applied for a job about 35-40 minutes from me at a busy chiropractor's office. I hope I can land this job. It seems like such a perfect fit for me.  If I don't get that job, I know the right one will come along.

 I smell opportunity every where I look lately. I spent most of the afternoon in my girl's rooms yesterday cleaning. The opportunity to clean their rooms is ONE of them-- I see opportunities for them, I see opportunities for me...This world has endless possibilities and opportunities. I am thankful I live in such a beautiful world that God created for me. I must not let some silly car troubles get in the way of opportunity. I am going to that busy chiropractor's office by the end of the week, non-working car or not, and I'm going to have a look around their office. I'm going to talk to some people. I am going to seek out this working opportunity that seemed to fall in my lap.

I am good enough to work there.

I could see opportunity in the dirty dishes that still sit in my sink. (Yay, I get to load and unload the dishwasher for the 999th time this week.) But instead I choose to embrace my writing. I often overlook this opportunity every day.  I love writing and I am going to avail myself to this opportunity a lot more lately.

I'm thankful for the many opportunities good and bad, (the dishes--UGH) that present to me on a daily basis. I'm alive and my life has so much possibility. I'm healthy and my children are healthy. I hope that when you feel opportunity knocking on your door, you open it with a smile. I may not be as gorgeous as the model or celebrity I see on television but I like me. I like who I am becoming.

Because of the opportunities I have been given.

Sometimes I don't like all the opportunities that are presented before me, but most of them are not bad.

I welcome the fresh smell of opportunity and possibility.

What opportunities have you been given lately?

Alexes is a cluttered mom of three daughters who embraces almost every opportunity she has been giving, minus a few dishes here and there. She blogs at

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