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Fail + Fail = Win

yogurt cake and ice cream

Fail plus fail equals win.  No, no.  Stick with me here.

Last summer I made strawberry, right?  No, fail: I didn't believe all those people that said "Never double a batch of jam!"  Not only did I not believe them, I quadrupled it.  I am the proud guardian of a closet FULL of botched up strawberry jam.

Then, last week I made a yogurt cake.  Yogurt, self-rising flour, oil...easiest cake in the world.  Also the densest, oiliest thing I have EVER put in front of my pansy-bellied family.  They were too scared to even take a bite, which left me (days later) with an increasingly stale loaf of cake.  Fail, right?

A-hah!  No fail.  Slice the cake!  Toast the cake!  Top with ice cream.  Drizzle with failed strawberry jam*.

Total win.

Wait . . . can strawberries, sugar and lemon juice ever really be a "fail?"


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Myrnie is a do-it-yourself kind of mom.  Which basically means she'd rather not drive to the store, thankyouverymuch.

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