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Musings from the Shower

I was in the shower, thanking the heaven's that my husband was home to tend babies so Mama could get clean. What a rare thing indeed! Twenty minutes of hot steamy water and no one crying or banging on the door; a true luxury for a tired mommy. I did not rush.

Apparently, things haven't changed much in the last seventy-five years either. My grandmother was telling me that her mother used to say, "I'm going to take a bath, and I'm taking my book. I'll be back in twenty minutes, don't even think about knocking on that door!" to her children so many decades ago. My grandma made sure I understood, "You didn't dare make a sound near that door!"

The work of mothers is certainly universal, but it is also timeless. Selfless sacrifice to the point of exhaustion, then a quick pick-me-up, and we're back at it. I think of Hannah, who wove a coat each year for her sweet baby, Samuel, whom she didn't even get to raise, or the gentle mothers of the Stripling Warriors, who taught their children to "never doubt". What an incredible legacy our foremothers have left for us to try and live up to! And yet, I'm certain they had days of frustration and exhaustion. If a shower had been available, they would have jumped at the chance!

So, while we're working hard, let's remember that we're not alone. We are all moving forward together, as an army of mommies. Let's try and squeeze in a shower while we're fighting the good fight, all right? You'll feel better. My great grandma said so.


Morgan showers as often as possible, but blogs more. Read more at The Ing Family.

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