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Spring Cleaning

The words “spring cleaning” often bring a shudder, no matter what season it is. Back in the olden days, there was good reason for the cringe. Spring cleaning was a completely exhausting, dirty job. A long winter of using kerosene, wood, gas, oil, and candles coated the house with dark sooty grime.

The thought of the work required to remove this layer makes the Damsel feel a bit lightheaded. A lie-down suddenly sounds appropriate. But that was just the beginning when it came to spring cleaning. For some, the tasks included changing out heavy linens, draperies and rugs for the lighter stuff. It’s no wonder these people were strong. Have you picked up a rug lately? Have you?

Thanks to modern furnaces and so on, our homes aren’t exactly soot-covered. We don’t face quite the same ordeal as we arm ourselves with electric vacuums and high-speed washing machines. Still, cleaning is hard work.

One way the Damsel copes with this is to fool herself into thinking there is something romantic and cozy about it. She opens the windows (the sight of curtains blowing in the breeze is one of her favorite things). She puts on some folk music or maybe a little bluegrass. Then she gets absorbed in the process of bringing order to chaos. She tries not to think too much about the sprog coming along behind her. They feel it’s their job to prove that entropy is a true principle. Still, it’s freeing to see clean, uncluttered surfaces emerge.

But while her hands busy themselves with simple, brainless tasks, her mind is free to ponder. Spring is a good a time as any to do a little head cleaning. It’s time for the Damsel to brush away the cobwebs in her mind, the fear and uncertainty that collects like dust in the corners. How freeing that could be!

Clutter, be gone, whether inside or out.


Margot is a mom of seven and pretty much crazy from it. Online she's known as the Damsel in Dis Dress and blogs at the Old School ( and twitters at @the_damsel.
A blog about her writing adventures is found at Inklings.

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