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Once Upon a Time

The other night, we were sitting down having dinner as a family when Josie asks Dave, "Tell me the story about how you met Mommy." I look over at him, just waiting for the words of, "I don't tell it as good as Mommy.... ask her." to come out of his mouth.
But he didn't.

Instead, he said this.

"Well, once upon a time I was at this dance and this girl came in and she was so beautiful and we danced and danced and danced. But then the clock struck midnight and she ran away and I ran after her, but she left her glass slipper behind....."

"Dad! That's not how you met!" pipped up Hannah. "That's the story of Cinderella."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah Dad." Josie confirmed.

"Oh.....well....okay, well your mom lived in this tiny town with her Dad and she loved to read books and one day her Dad got lost and came to my castle and I didn't like people on my property and I made him my prisoner and your Mom came to rescue her Dad and saw me and I was afraid she would think I was gross because I was a huge beast......"

"Daddy! That's Beauty and the Beast!" Josie exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's not how you met Mom. Tell us the real story." Hannah said.

After the back and forth storytelling went on for a bit, I looked over at Dave, just trying so hard not to laugh and said to him, "Wait, let me tell it."

The girls, perked up, assuming I would stop the fairytales with the real one of our "meet cute" and agreed, "Okay Mom. You tell it."

"Well your Dad was married before he met me and had a little boy with one fin smaller than the other. And his wife died and he lost his little boy to a diver who kidnapped him in the ocean. And your Dad was swimming fast trying to get to the kidnapper and he bumped into me, but I was a little weird and kept forgetting things but I told him to "Just keep swimming" and we'd find his son and......"

"Mom!" the girls laughed. "That's not the story about how you met."

"That's finding Nemo Mom." Josie giggled.

"Yeah, that's not it." Dave chimed in.

"Oh really?" I innocently replied.

"Nope. You see girls, Your Mom and I met in high school, when we got paired up to sing karaoke together and then we secretly wanted to try out for the spring musical, but our friends thought we should stick to the status quo and not try something new......"

"Dad. That's High School Musical." Hannah said dryly.

"Anyways, we didn't sing karaoke together in high school, it was at a ski resort during winter break." I corrected him.

"Oh yeah. That's right." Dave said.

For the next half hour Dave and I went back and forth putting ourselves into movie plots, causing the girls to play along to our impromptu "Name that Movie" game. It. Was. Hilarious.

Then finally Dave told them the real story of how we met.

The girls at first,  kept trying to figure out what movie it was from, coming up empty.

I reassured them it wasn't from a movie. It was our love story.

Which, if it were made into a movie one day, would be a box office hit, let me tell you.


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