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Parenting Wisdom From Conference: Part 4

Elder Lynn G. Robbins

Elder Robbins asked us a very important question. “To be, or not to be?” or “What manner of men and women ought ye to be?” He explained that “being” is inseparably connected with “doing.”

As parents, we should “be” the kind of person we want our children to act like. If we are the example of what is right instead of just a voice calling things out, we will inspire them to live the way we do. If we live by the spirit and parent by the spirit, then our children will learn to live the same way and govern their relationships likewise.

What does it really mean to be a parent? We need to ask ourselves this question. What kind of person does the Lord intend us to be? What changes do we need to make to become this person?

Hypocrisy is an easy block to stumble over. Talk is quicker than action and takes less will power. However, hypocrisy is a dangerous scene for an innocent child to see. Our inconsistent behaviors and words can teach our children manipulation instead of integrity; selfishness instead of charity, and instability instead of security.

When we know what we want to “be” and then we act upon that plan we have the power to inspire our children to live virtuous, purpose-filled lives as well.

For many parents this requires constant re-focus through scripture and prayer, and daily repentance. Repentance is strength. As we beg for forgiveness and recommit daily we can have the Spirit with us and can also be a knowledgeable voice for inspiring our children to repent too.

Elder Richard J. Maynes

Elder Maynes told us our eternal families are under attack!

This is true. We all see this battle inside and outside of our homes each day. We see Satan try to get through our doors and into our electronic devices to tempt and try our family members. We see selfishness and lack of priorities. Our families are at war. We are battling in the greatest, and oldest, battle of all time; the battle between right and wrong, good and bad and true and false.

Even though we know which side will win, the fight can still be discouraging at times. Don't give up. Start by looking at yourself and choose what you can do each day to improve your spirit and family relationships, then begin teaching your children to do the same.

We can change ourselves. It is our right and our power. The same goes for our children. As we live by the words of our inspired church leaders we will find happiness and success in our family relationships during these hard times.

I don't know about you, but as a parent, I need all the good counsel I can get during these times. And, this past Conference was definitely filled with meaningful counsel for me.


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