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Todays Contestant in the Ugliest Couch Contest...

Although we don't actually have a world's ugliest couch contest, our next design question comes from someone who feels they have a pretty good contender.

Here are the exact thoughts about the state of their seating from Journey Beyond Survival.

"Okay. So I may be able to win the world's Ugliest Couch contest. We're poor.

Waaaay poor. Mr. Survival is job hunting poor.

Please give me ideas. I hate blue chair, couch, loveseat although I am grateful to those that gave it to us. Because we like sitting down.


That is quite the quandary, my dear.  Beyond slip covers, there really just isn't much you can do to change the actual color of your furniture.  Unfortunately, slip covers can be rather expensive, even if purchased from a store and not custom made.  But hopefully the following suggestions will make your room a little more pleasant for you even with your blue furniture.  

First of all, I would recommend bringing other colors into your room that would compliment your blue furniture.  Darker shades of blue would be a safe choice and can be introduced in anything from a matte on a picture to throw pillows with darker shades of blue.  Assuming you like blue at all, of course.

Furniture placement also goes a long way towards making your room feel comfortable.  I would consider moving things around a bit to see what works for your family.  Placing the sofa in front of the window not only looks proportionate, but it guarantees all your children can stand on it while looking out the window.  Much less fighting over space.  Also, placing the love seat on the opposite wall under the picture will look good as well.
Furniture arrangement in a long, narrow room can be a challenge.  Although moving the furniture around can be tiring, you'll be happy you did once you find that just right arrangement.

Be sure to look around your own house for things that you can use in your front room.  An unused picture, mirror, pillow, etc. from another room can be the perfect thing for your front room.  Best of all, it's budget friendly.  

Remember, a lot can be done to improve a room with spending little or no money at all!  The important thing is that your home  reflects your family and is a happy place to be.


Once upon a time, this Lady got a degree in Interior Design.  She now spends her days taking care of her 2 little girls and 1 computer geek husband.  Although it can't be said that she likes to learn everything the hard way, it can be said that she usually does.

You can read more on her personal blog Lady of Perpetual Chaos

*Photos courtesy of Journey Beyond Survival

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