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The Value of a Hobby

I keep trying to write a funny post about finding my children with contraband marshmallows, while I'm making wheat bread from fresh-ground grains.  Oh the irony.  Or, writing a post about the different ideas I have about keeping rabbits.  My daughter thinks they'd be nice pets.  I think they'd be nice dinner.

Instead, I keep coming back to the same idea: What gives your life value?  What makes you feel useful and valuable and clever?

Pink and Green beaded glass lanyard

I struggle sometimes, it's true.  After my second daughter was born, I spent hours every day getting ready for my very first craft fair.  Now, months after my third child's birth, I find myself looking for new projects again.  Something I can send out into the world and get feed back from adults.  (Because believe me, I get PLENTY of feed back from the kids.  Just sayin'.)  

I stinkin' ADORE my kids.  Love them like crazy.  But it's true: We all have an innate need and desire to create something.  Something beautiful, even if it's transitory (do I have any bakers in the house?)  There's something about the endless round of diapers, laundry, snacks, meals, and cleaning (who has time?) that makes me want to do something out in left field. 

Like make tutus. 

Or write a book.

Maybe open an Etsy shop!  (Seriously, how many abandoned Etsy shops were started by sleep-deprived new moms hoping to turn their hobby into a SELF-SUSTAINING hobby?  Just me?  OK, moving on...)

If you are frustrated, if you feel stuck, put this to the test.  Find 10 minutes and just MAKE something. Create beauty that wasn't there before.  See if it doesn't brighten your day!


Mary and E at Cooper LakeMyrnie is a home-schooling mom of three.  She enjoys reading, writing, 'rithmetic....and making stuff.  You can find her blogging at DIY Mama and I Wonder Woman.

All photo credits are mine

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