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The Case of the Mom-Frump

I think perhaps, I am a "frumpy mom."

For example, a wedding ring is for wearing, did you know that? I often find days or weeks pass without wearing mine. It's a lovely ring, given to me by the man of my dreams, and I adore it. However with busy hands that are frequently soiled and covered in things not fit to dirty a diamond ring, more often than not, my pretty little rock camps out on the ring holder high on a shelf, away from grabby kid-hands in the bathroom.

However, it did make me wonder if I ought to make more of an effort to flash it around a bit when my three year old asked (on a rare time of wearing it), "Mommy, what's that ring?"

"My wedding ring!" I answered. 

After a thoughtful moment, he asked, "Who gived it to you?" 


Furthermore, I clearly do not employ my hair dryer anywhere near as often as I should. Recently, a hotel we were staying at had a hair dryer in the room for their guests. 

My two-year-old, having never really encountered a hair dryer declared it a "weed whacker" and ran around the hotel room "weed whacking" everything and everyone in sight. 

And let's not forget that if I dare to actually make an effort and wear anything other than my jeans or yoga pants + t-shirt fare, my children ask me why I'm going to church on a Tuesday. 

I do like to look nice, I do enjoy feeling feminine and pretty; it's just with a t-shirt covered in spit-up is much less awful than an expensive blouse covered in spit-up. See?

A nurse does not wear her prom dress to work. 

And I can't quite justify any other uniform for MY job than what I typically don: t-shirt and comfy pants. 

So tell me, how do YOU fight the mom-frump? Or are you in my camp, and are fulling embracing the mom-uniform? 


Morgan writes about all kinds of things at The Ing Family. She'd love it if you visit.

***Photo credit: Morgan***

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