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Like Father, Like Daughter

When I was a junior in high school, my Mom sent out her annual Christmas newsletter to all our family and friends.  In it were the usual rundowns of what each of us kids had been up to for the past year. 

You can imagine my surprise, when upon reading the copy she saved for us to put with the other newsletters of years past, I came to this sentence. 

"Katy's becoming just like her father in every way.  (ie: personality, talents, chest.)"

I gasp.....and soon the house was filled with cries of "Mom!  I can't believe you wrote this!"

Smiling, she chuckled a bit and replied, "Well, was it a lie?  You are like your Dad."

Later, I discovered she had sent it to my older brother on his mission in Texas, who got such a huge kick out of it, that his entire District knew of my "lack of womanly curves".

It wasn't until after I'd calmed down, that I looked at the other aspects about me that she thought I'd gotten from my Dad.  He had a heart of gold and was a friend to all.  He also had a gift for lighting up a room with his optimistic disposition.  He loved to sing and play the piano, and did both with style and feeling....even if he played a note or two wrong.

My mom really had given me one of the best compliments ever.

So of course I couldn't stay annoyed at her for Mom just had that type of humorous personality.  Still does to this day.  And heaven knows, with every year passing, I'm turning into her.

And really, when all is said and done.....I'm grateful for the parents that I have...for all the love and support and strength they have given me my entire life.

Flat chest included.


Katy is a mother, wife, blogger and lover of everything "lovely, of good report or praiseworthy".  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Our Daisy Life.  Admission is always free.

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