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Seasons of Life

  1. I don't dust. If I see it, I wipe it. If I don''s not going anywhere, right?
  2. I don't iron.  My shirts are going to be chewed on, pulled on, puked on, peed one is going to notice if my collar is crisp!
  3. I don't vacuum every room, every week either. Yes, I know, that's gross.  
  4. I also don't change everyone's sheets on a weekly schedule. They're kids. They don't sweat (but what they do is WAY, WAY worse. That's when I change them!)
  5. Window washing. Because whenever I wash them, someone follows behind me licking the windows. I've caught the 6-year-old at this. It's disturbing.

This season of my life is messy.

It's full of sticky handprints, bare feet, and diaper changes. I know that I won't always have a baby in my arms. Pretty soon, those tiny tooshies won't be fighting to sit on my lap. There won't be bare feet running from the garden, to the swing set, and back again. I won't be pestered for a snack, even though we just had lunch.

Yes, this season of my life is more chaotic, more loud, and a little more messy than I had planned for. I really do look forward to having clean windows again... but for right now, this is my life, and it's a good one.

- - - - - - - - -

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