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Shower him with Respect then give him Room to Grow

Come, my dearest

lover, brother, friend,

and let me look up at you.

When did you become

an ode to manhood,

a spectacle of



by those

you serve,

those you lead,

those you work with, those you love.

When did you gain

the confidence of kindness,

of wisdom, of accomplishment…

rooting a soul so've become

a sanctuary of shade,

the keeper of clouds,

a dream maker

with branches

strong enough for many to rest upon.

Let me look up at you!

Your gentle power spreads an aura

of love,  sincerity, and reassurance

that life can grow men

solid enough,

giant enough,

to deserve

the title

tall enough:

"Husband and Father”.


Mona muses every Sunday at Mona's Gospel Musings and preaches romance in marriage at Mona's Musings with a Hint of Romance. She is the mother of four plus three and grandmother of two and the award-winning author or With Mine Own Hand: The Musical Account of Nephi. For a daily Hint of Romance, go to Mona's Musings on Facebook.
Photo from Dreamstime

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