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A Sister for the Boys

For some strange reason, my little boys are absolutely dying for a sister. The gender of our next, hypothetical child has been a pretty constant topic of conversation around our home since the most recent family member popped out very decidedly a boy.

"Mom, in a few weeks will you born a girl?" asks one brother. Um... sure?

"Mom, four boys isn't that many, how about you born three girls next?" Um... probably not.

These requests for a sister are always answered by me with the same sentiment, "Child of mine," I say, "Who decides what kind of baby comes to our family?"

"Heavenly Father," quotes whichever brother it happens to be this time.

"Right, so ask Him, all right? I can't make that happen for you!" I reply.

Round and round we go. Each and every day.

And still, I never thought to ask WHY they are so insistent on a sister. So, today, I wised up.

"Tell me! Why? Why must you have a sister?" I demanded.

Spencer stepped in as spokes-brother, "So we can play She-rah."

Of course, how could I have not guessed that?

You can imagine how eager their father and I are to now work on that request.


Morgan blogs among boys. Find her at The Ing Family.

*Photo credit, Muppet Wikia

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