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Stuff We Like on the Internet.... this week.

Remember when we used to be GOOD about sharing all of the awesome things we found online? Yeah, we’re bringing that back. Therefore, I present to you:

 (Is that graphic big enough for you?)

At any rate, as usual, the internet, WAS AWESOME.


Middle-agedMormonManFirst things first, let's talk about a certain middle-aged Mormon man..... known simply as MMM.

I'm a pushover for anyone who uses scripture talk to their advantage, and RIGHT FROM THE START, he tells you to take his blog button... for it is of good report and praiseworthy. Um, THANKYOUSIR.

But pretty much, he had me converted when I was reading his post about Parenting: Garden of Eden Style. And Bee Tee Dubs, my fave SSW is "oh my life." 


Of course, we assume that by now you are all aware of the major time suck that is Pinterest. Because I'm ALSO going to assume that at least 2 of you have no idea what Pinterest is, I'm going to give you the short and sweet version. It's an online style board. You're welcome. 

The problem is that most everything is pretty or delicious, or somehow inspiring, because, HELLO, you pin the stuff that inspires you. 

At any rate, since I've been sick the whole summer and unable to do much beyond browsing the internet and watching television, I have been spending more than my fair share of time on Pinterest. Naturally, I want to bring you over to the dark side with me. READERS: 

Let's start with a Pipe Cleaner Creature: 

And then of course you'll need a snack: 

Then I'll raise you the most gorgeous bubblelicious hair DO:

And I raise you a profound truth: 

BASICALLY: it's a time suck. A fabulous, glorious, blessed one.  You should follow me on Pinterest so that we can lose track of time TOGETHER. 

Now this next part I'm sharing with you, simply because I told someone that I would. And I'm nothing if not true to my word. 



Of course, not everything I do is fun and games. Sometimes I find really great, meaningful stuff. For example,  this post about Better Sex Through Chastity was really great. Like, I want to print it out and pass it out at high school football games great. 

"she taught the girls that chastity gave them power. Not some kind of coy pseudo-power over male desire, but power to have their own desires for physical gratification, love, emotional intimacy, commitment, respect, and dignity met in the best possible way."


And that's it for this weeks edition of Stuff We Like. 

ALSO: I don't know if you're aware, but it's August 13th. So if you haven't done your visiting teaching yet, you should probably try to coordinate that. Might I suggest a phone call or two? And then when you GO, you should totally print out this months handy, dandy Visiting Teaching printable. You're welcome for the reminder and subsequent guilt trip. IT'S WHAT I DO. 

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