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They Just Want to Live!

I have the WORST luck with plants in pots.  It's really terrible.  A dear high school teacher gifted me with a jade plant she'd carted from classroom to classroom for 10 was dead within months.

However, I am astonished at how well plants do when I just ignore them.  It's like it lights a fire in their souls..."You can't get me down!  You'll see!  I don't need you!"


Here we have a lavender plant- I knew lavender was indigenous to the Mediterranean.  Likes drought conditions.  So, obviously, I never watered it.  Not once.  Because I am so smart, and obviously a potted lavender plant has a vast root find...hidden...water.  Drat.  Did I mention it was on my deck, which routinely gets up above 100 degrees in the summer months?  Along with being gifted in understanding the needs of potted plants, I'm pretty lazy, and never dumped the poor thing into the compost bin last fall.

Hey lookee!  The entire plant is dead, except for one stubborn little branch that shot up in the Spring.  Think I should water it this time?


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