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Back to School, Parents

My middle daisy started Kindergarten this week.
And just like twins separated by four years,
Her and her big sister were up with the sun,
And out the door ready to continue on their educational journey.

And I was right along with them.

You see, from the moment my oldest started Kindergarten I have tried to be as active as I can in her education as I have expected her to be.

I've volunteered to go on field trips, help out in the classroom, participate on the PTA board, etc.

And I've found great joy in it.

And I wonder why more Moms aren't doing the same.

I know that we live in a society were many Moms and Dads have to work to take care of the family.  And I support and stand in awe of their dedication to do what needs to be done to provide the necessities of life for their lil' ones.

But what about the Mom's who don't work outside the home?

Hey, now before you start yelling at your computer screens, let me explain my "mother of three" self.....

I come from a family full of teachers.  Seriously, three of my five siblings are teachers.  My mom was a teacher.  Both grandpas were teachers and over half of my aunts and uncles are teachers.

And the number one struggle they all have had over the years is the lack of parental participation in their students education.

Too many parents view school as glorified babysitting and not the amazing opportunity that it is to encourage and support their child to be all that they can be in life through an education.

So what can be done?

Or am I just crazy?

Is what I do the norm, or considered unusual in this day and age?

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