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Daddy's Bedtime Story

It had been a pretty rough evening, the kids were fighting and screaming and dragging their feet at every request. And in many instances, just flat out not listening. Both Hubby and I were getting rather frustrated.

After our attempt at scripture reading and family prayer, which I doubt any of us heard above the continuous streams of wiggles and screams, Hubby and I finally put the kids to bed.

I usually end up putting the girls down, and Hubby will put the boys to bed. The girl's will often prefer a song before bed, while the boys generally prefer a story.

I already had the girl's down and was in the kitchen when I overheard the following.

Boys: Story, daddy, story!

Daddy: *sigh of frustration, deep breath* Fine.

Once upon a time, there was a little frog who didn't listen and obey his daddy after his daddy told him not to go into the road. So one day he hopped into the road where he got ran over by a truck and was squished flat like a pancake.

Then  a woodpecker came along and scraped him off the road, fried him up and ate him like a sandwich, all because he didn't listen to his daddy.

The End.

I couldn't help but laugh as I listened, and when Hubby appeared in the kitchen a minute later, I asked, "Did you really just tell them a story about a frog who got squished and eaten by a woodpecker?"

Hubby broke out into a huge grin and answered, "That's right. Cause that's what happens when you don't listen to daddy." 

Remind me to never encourage him to write a children's book.

Especially one with a moral.


Serene is a mom of five crazy kiddos who blogs about all her parenting misadventures at Serene is my name, Not my life! She is also a freelance artist so be sure to view her portfolio page!

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