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Pick Your Battles

I've been having strange things happen with my kids at the park lately. Most recently it was blatant towel theft. We got to splash park with four towels.

We left with three and a broken-hearted four year old.

It wasn't like we "misplaced" the towel and then decided it was stolen. No, a fellow splasher took it, and her mother insisted it was hers. 

It wasn't, of that I am absolutely certain.

My children wanted me to march up there and yank our towel back.

I wouldn't.

Instead, we had a very important discussion with my children: Pick your battles. 

The towel wasn't "special" or anyone specific's. It was just a towel from home. I made it abundantly clear that if it was an important item, a loved toy or someone's towel, we would have fought that battle. 

It was hard for my kidlets to grasp: not everything is worth the fight. 

Admittedly, I felt frustrated with the mom on the other end of the situation. Really? You're positive that is YOUR towel that was with OUR other three towels and has the frayed side? Really? 

I was frustrated but not willing to fight it out.

I do not want my children to be doormats. However, some things we have to let go. 

It's important to teach our kids to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. I know this. 

But I feel strongly that it is also important to teach them that sometimes it's okay to back down. 

Sometimes, that is even harder. 

From August 2011
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*photo credit: Find your Calm*

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