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Post of the Week

Sometimes we (Elisa and myself) get sidetracked by life, and forget to do things like, schedule the post of the week. #facepalm

We have come to realize that some of you don't KNOW what the post of the week is. And that is a SHAME. Because it's my most favorite part of the week.... when I remember to do it. 


The Post of the Week is when YOU, dear readers, get to show off your blog gloriousness. You link up your favorite posts from the week, and then people come and visit you. It's like advertising... for your blog. And you can link up stories, crafts, recipes, or anything else you see fit. Because it's YOUR favorite links. It's like a once-a-week linking free for all. Fun, right? 

SO. Link up your blog. The only thing we ask is that you please link to the individual blog post, and not your entire site. And that it be family friendly. (This IS Mormon Mommy Blogs, after all.) Then you can hop around and see what everyone else is up to. It's pretty much fantastic. 

So Get Linking! 

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