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Preparing For School With An Ex-Super Mom Part 2

Here is a video of me doing part of my preparing for school inventory, followed by some of the things we said no to this year and some of the things we decided were most important.


Things we said no to:

*I said no to two extra-curricular groups I have taught for a number of years.

*My husband said no to being the president of his singing organization.

*I decided not to direct a play this year.

*My children are saying no to some friend time because they are not going to be in as many extra-curricular groups and classes.

Things we said yes to:

*Lots more time together!

*We said we would be part of planning a family reunion for next year.

*We decided to have a Family History day. Every Thursday we are going to research our ancestors, learn about their lives, and what was happening in history when they were alive. It is our exciting approach to history.

*We decided to have a small Spanish group for my two youngest children.

*We decided to participate in Tiger Cubs for our youngest son.

*We decided to do more family camp trips

*We decided to go visit all of the counties in Utah for our Utah history/geography study and our field trip Fridays

*We decided to study World geography and do reports on a country or important world figure each month.

*We are having a family writing day each week when we share our writings and talk about it what can improve our writing.

*We are going to have a monthly family book discussion about one of the Family Books we are reading.

*Monday will be science day for the young ones.

*We are still going to sing a lot. We love singing as a family. Remember this one

*We decided that evenings as a family need to be protected more.

These are the new things. Of course we do other regular things like music lessons and regular school stuff, getting Quin his driver's license, and church stuff.

Our Plan

This is a copy of the Peck Family Schedule for 2011 – 2012. Of course it may vary from time to time. We realize it is important to take regular breaks from schedules to keep everyone feeling refreshed.

Take a look at our schedule. 

Super Moms

I have a new take on super moms. Super moms are the kind of moms who do less of the social stuff to do more of the family stuff. Super moms are the kind who take time to consider and plan carefully before they commit the family to something time consuming. I am trying to be that kind of super mom. Not the kind who sees more of her car than her child's face and hands. I'm not perfect yet, but as the years go by we find more and more happiness as a family as I keep my life in balance. When I am balanced the whole family becomes more powerful. Just like the majestic wind mills you see as you drive down the highway.


Nicholeen Peck is a popular public speaker, television personality, and author. Her blog is Teaching Self Government. The BBC show of her family can be found there, as well as answers to frequently asked parenting questions. To buy her book click here.

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