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Rainy Day Activities

We’ve had a lot of strange weather lately. We had an earthquake, followed by a hurricane, which then sent a tropical storm, followed by so much rain that school was cancelled due to flooding.

In short, we had A LOT of inside time. 

So what do you do with yourself and your kids when you're stuck in the house for days on end?

  1. Play Cards -  From Old Maid and Go Fish, to Spoons and Solitaire, there are card games for all ages and family size. AND since my kid are finally old enough to read numbers and understand patterns, I got to teach them my personal favorite, Dutch Blitz. (requires a special card deck)
  2. Board Games - Board games are really fun for kids to play. You can even have special prizes for the winners. Our family favorites are Monopoly Jr., Connect Four, and Rummikub. 
  3. Bake Cookies - When it's wet and cold outside, nothing tastes better than a fresh from the oven, homemade cookie. 
  4. Make a Fort - This is what flat sheets are REALLY made for. Move the couch and the chairs, get creative, and build a fort. Then hunker down inside and...
  5. Read a Book - Reading out loud is a great way to pass the time. Shut off the television, forget the radio, and read family favorites. If you have children that are old enough, take turns reading to each other. It helps pass the time, and helps reinforce good habits.
  6. Play a Game - Hide and Seek, Freeze Tag, Marco Polo, or Charades: all of these games can be played inside! 
  7. Exercise - After a few days of being inside, kids start to have crazy amounts of energy. Put on an exercise DVD, and make 'em sweat. It helps get the crazies out, and reinforces good health habits. 
  8. Draw - If you have younger children, coloring books are great. If you have older kids, you can challenge them to a drawing contest. I downloaded this I Can Draw packet from Green Jello With Carrots, and my kids had a blast tracing the different faces and features. 
  9. Dance Off - Turn up the music and DANCE! Teach your kids classic moves like the running man, or search YouTube for dance routines. 
  10. Watch a Movie - Dark, rainy days are perfect for snuggling up underneath the blankets and watching a movie. 
These are just a few of the things you can do when yucky weather has you trapped. What's your favorite inside activity? 

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About the Author: Caroline Bingham is managing editor of You can find her on Twitter, @CarolineBingham, or on her blog, Caroline and her husband live in Virginia with their four children.

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