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Setting Limits -- Chastity

Sometimes it's hard to see the danger. We think we have it all under control. It doesn't matter our age either, teenagers, single adults, married moms and dads -- we're all susceptible to miscalculating our limits.
Setting limits in life is necessary, whether it is about money, work, play or any of the passions of the flesh, we set limits and try to follow them. Mormons are known for their limits -- we teach our kids to set limits. Usually it is about keeping safe, healthy or spiritually strong.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Assoc.) has been studying an airplane's wake vortex--the airflow that develops from the tip of the wing. Here it is visible due to some red smoke on the ground. It sets up quite a disturbance of air flow as the plane moves ahead. This is a safety issue for the FAA because you can't have a plane landing or taking off too closely to the one in front, that just taxied down the runway. You have to stay clear of the wake vortex, or you crash.

We learn to stay clear of various vortexes in life. We learn the limits, to avoid a crash. Sometimes we don't see them -- there's no visible red smoke -- even though they are present.

I saw this little video on the site for the youth -- Chastity: What Are the Limits? It addresses a subject which all of us have familiarity. It's a tough one for Mormon teens to understand -- passions that are good when expressed in marriage, but otherwise, they're off-limits and become a dangerous vortex.

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