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The Sign Gallery

My oldest daughter has a knack for communicating in such a way that there is no misunderstanding how she feels, and such artistry should be shared. And so, I have decided to open the doors to her personal gallery and invite you all to come forth and be inspired.

As we are a non-profit organization, large donations of intrinsic or cocoa value are requested at the end of the tour.

Thank you.

Step right this way and please watch out for the diaper left in the hallway.

Behold, Savannah's inner closet door.

This is where the signs reside until needed. When their service is required, they then make the journey to her bedroom door, to the place of honor and recognition.

Title: I am Mad
Medium: Graphite on paper
Artist: Savannah

By far, the most popular piece, this sign has often held the place of honor.

As if it wasn't obvious by her severely pouting face, folded arms and growling voice, this little artist wants to make sure we understand how she feels.

Title: I am Sad
Medium: Graphite on paper
Artist: Savannah

Coming in close second, this drawing expresses itself without the need for words. I also find this to be quite an accurate portrait.

Whenever I am crying like this, I feel like one of my eyes are bigger than the other as well! Brilliant really.

Title: I am Glad
Medium: Graphite on paper
Artist: Savannah

The eyelashes are a touch that I personally love.

This is a very thought provoking piece. Don't you wonder why her eyes are closed? Is it peace? Contentment? Or maybe she's trying to hide something by not looking directly at me?

Title: I am Mad and Sad and Glad
Medium: Crayon on paper
Artist: Savannah

Truthfully, I dread the day when this sign adorns the bedroom door.

Which emotion should I address first? Will one emotion grow stronger if I show favor to one over the other? What if the faces start fighting?
This is very intense for me. It puts all my motherly skills to the test.

Title: No Moms Allowed
Medium: Crayon on paper
Artist: Savannah

Reserved for only the WORST of offences, like taking away a treat or a toy due to bad behavior, I suppose she resorted to this method upon discovering that locking the door doesn't work.

Title: Yes, Moms Allowed
Medium: Crayon on paper
Artist: Savannah

It's always nice to know when you are held in good favor and are allowed and welcome to come in.

If anyone is interested in special ordering their own set of signs from Savannah, please contact Serene @ Signs for the Emotionally Confused.

I suspect she will do well in marriage. I can just see her designing a "I am mad" sign for her husband....


Serene is a mom of five crazy kiddos who blogs about all her parenting misadventures at Serene is my name, Not my life! She is also a freelance artist so be sure to view her portfolio page!


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