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A Day for the Record Books

Vomit equals lots of laundry.

You know those days when you ask yourself, "Who are these children, and when is their mother coming to get them?"

Yeah. I'm having one of those days.

It's no one's fault... except for the stomach flu's.

Why do we get the stomach flu every 12 weeks? Can anyone explain this to me?

Before it calmed down to a gentle hum of nausea and tears, in the throngs of middle of the night puking episodes (WHY IS IT ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?) I had changed bed linens out until they were all soiled and then went straight to towels on the mattresses. I begged and pleaded for my children to please aim for the bucket and not their pillows!

Then my husband was stricken.

And you all know what that means.

So, today, I have washed and washed and washed. I have sanitized. I have put small grumpy beings in their beds over and over. I have shamelessly violated our "one movie a week" rule.

I have sneaked out of the house and ordered TWO large Diet Cokes from McDonald's. Then I drank them both.

Today is a day for the record books, my friends.

But tomorrow will be better. Unless of course, I come down with it... let's cross our fingers, shall we?


Morgan writes of boys and wonderment at The Ing Family. Stop by for a visit!

Photo credit: Morgan


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