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People and Packages

The Packages come into the Post Office every day. I receive anywhere from 100 to 300 every day of the week. We have to sort them by hand, write the number on them so that we can see it from a distance, and file it on a shelf.  

It is a good system, but it can still be hard to find the packages when the mail volume is heavy.  Sometimes the small packages end up under a larger one, or one gets pushed to the back.  When we can't find a package that we are looking for, we have to move everything on the shelf and look a little harder.  Only after they "get lost" do we clear things out of the way until they are "found again. The bigger, bolder boxes are always the easiest to spot and the ones that get noticed the quickest. The smaller the package, the easier it is to overlook it in the shuffle of all the other packages.

The one thing I have noticed is that everyone wants their packages. They don't care if they are large or small, fat or thin, wrapped in brightly colored paper or just a plain, brown box. The people in my town want to receive every package that is for them, as soon as they know it is here.

Sometimes, I think that life is a lot like the Post Office where I work. People are like the packages that I receive. Some people are large in stature and importance. They put themselves forward with flashy clothing or fancy cars.  The outer wrappings draw your attention to them. Some are quiet and reserved; hiding behind the bigger, more easily spotted people.

Yet, each of us are just as valuable as any one else in our own way. We each have a purpose and a calling. It doesn't matter what we look like. It doesn't matter if we are rich or poor or beautiful, or if we are simply ordinary and plain.  It only matters that we are willing and able to serve.

So, don't be intimidated by what you perceive as the packaging of others. You also have your place. It won't be the same place as anyone else. After all, think how boring this world would be if we were all exactly alike! If every single person could sing like an angel, we wouldn't enjoy listening to anyone else!  Our Heavenly Father does not need or want us all to be the same. There is a job and a purpose that only you can fill. It is up to you to step up, step out, and just do it!

  About the Author: Patty Ann is a busy mother, grandmother, and wife. She lives her life in the woods she loves up on the top of a beautiful mountain. She loves music, photography and writing. Most of all she loves her Heavenly Father and enjoys writing about his influence in her life. You can find her on her blog at Pitterle Postings

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