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We Can't Fix Everything (Even if we want too!)

Today, I am reminded that we all go through hard times. That, often, things are not as simple as they appear. That others my not know or even think that we are in pain. Today, I have watched others who are hurting and tried my best to comfort and found myself aching for their pain. Today, I realize that I cannot fix everything, or even most things. There are things that each of us need to experience so that we can grow. Sometimes those things, cannot be "fixed" they must simply be endured.

My daughter once asked me, "Mom, why do the bad things always happen to our family?" I did not have the answer then, but as I have pondered this question, I have come to believe that our trials are a blessing to us. Or rather, they will be a blessing some other time, at a later date. Maybe now, we don't know why things are happening, or what we are supposed to learn from them. But later, we will look back and see that every time God gives us a trial, He also sends a blessing. Sometimes, it takes years to see it, but it is there. The old saying, "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window" has been so true in my life. We just, occasionally, have a problem seeing the window as a blessing.

I think of Helen Keller. She is one of my heroes! Think how terrible it would be to be literally locked inside yourself. To not be able to see or hear or communicate with those around you. Yet, through this great tragedy, there came about ways and means to help literally thousands of people throughout time. She faced trials greater than any that I have faced. I can not even imagine what it must have been like to have a voice inside that no one else could understand; but as terrible as her trials were, look at the blessings that took place. She not only learned how to communicate, she learned the value and meaning of true friendship. She spoke in public, she wrote, she continues to influence the way children with disabilities are taught today.

Our Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom, knows exactly what we need in our lives that will help us to return to Him. He knows us, all of our deepest, darkest secrets. He loves us so much. So today, my message is one of eternal love. Never think for a moment that you are alone. All of your hurts have been felt. Each time you experience sadness or despair, He is there. He loves you no matter what terrible things you think you might have done, no matter what your past has been, no matter what you are enduring.  He watches you, He weeps with you, He loves you.

Remember, that we only see a part of our lives. We do not see the future nor do we always remember the past. We live in the here and now. We see what is right in front of us. If we had the power to look over our entire life, than we would see the patterns and the threads. We would see how the dark is sometimes just as important in the making of us, as the light.

I believe that you can not ever start over. You can not change the past. Always, parts of it will come with you. But you can start from now, right this minute, and change the ending of your life. You can change and influence your decisions from this moment on.

You can come back to Him.


 About the Author: Patty Ann is a busy mother, grandmother, and wife. She lives her life in the woods she loves up on the top of a beautiful mountain. She loves music, photography and writing. Most of all she loves her Heavenly Father and enjoys writing about his influence in her life. You can find her on her blog at Pitterle Postings

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