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Weekly Wrap Up + Post of the Week

First off, it's CONFERENCE WEEKEND. Which means that you should only be reading this between sessions... you know, in a perfect world and all that. 


Secondly, we have the October Visiting Teaching Printable ready for you. Click right here to go to the download page. 


Thirdly, there are only 30 days left until Halloween. Yes, I'm counting down, because it happens to be my most favorite holiday. I can't help it, it combines all my most favorite things in the world. (Candy, costumes, and lots and lots of make-up.) We're going to be having a lot of fun stuff going on this month INCLUDING a spooky story contest for YOU and your KIDS. Warning: it will be amazing


Fourthly, tomorrow there will be a new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on TV. You should watch it, because it is all about a fantastic LDS family in Utah... particularly about a little boy named Jonah who loves to play soccer and who happens to be the only known child in the world who has a particular combination of rare blood disorders. We got to preview the whole episode, and I have to admit, I got a little teary eyed watching the outpouring of love for this family. 


Fifthly, and finally, it's time for the Post of the Week. Link up all the bloggity goodness that you've written/made/whatever. We'd like to encourage you to visit at least three of the blogs that link up and leave a comment on their sites. You know, spreading the love and all that. 


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