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Quick! We Need Your Help!

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Hey MMB Readers! We need your help! We are in the process of doing some pretty amazing things over here on MMB, but legally we can't say what exactly it is that we are involved with until January ...

But, here's a hint: It is sort of like this little deal that Elisa filmed last year.

Only better.

And cooler.

And more accessible.

So. With that in mind, we need to know the following things:

1) What your favorite Websites are, and how you use them. Are they life hacker ones? Meal prep ones?
2)  What your favorite LDS Websites are (besides MMB) and what you use them for.

We also need to know a few other things:

1) what your favorite iPhone and Android Apps are
2) what your most used apps are
3) what your favorite LDS apps are, and what your most used LDS apps are
4) what kind of apps would like to see in the future that would be LDS Centric?

We really need your help preparing for this project--- please tell us what your favorites are in the comments below.

Thanks guys!

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