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My smoke alarm went off this morning at 3:30 am.  (There was no smoke ANYWHERE, I checked.)  It went off again at 3:36, and again at 3:45.  My 5'4" self could only slap at the "cancel" button, but I finally roused my very tall husband, who removed it entirely from the wall, and sprinted downstairs to dismantle/disable/shut the sucker up.  (How scary is it that out of a family of five people, who all sleep in the same hallway, I'm the only one who woke up?)

While downstairs, he noticed a spider on his shirt.  What are the odds that little spider was inside the smoke detector, blocking the little smoke detector synapse?  

This all proves that the Universe does not want mothers to sleep, BECAUSE my 8-month-old slept through the night for the first time in 3 months last night.  (But not me.)

My 3-year-old stayed in bed all night, without coming out into the hallway to demand we give her a Big Bed...right now.  She slept through the night.  (But not me.)  

My oldest daughter slept like a rock.  (But not me.)

My sweet, sweet, mother-in-law has often told me that I will probably never sleep again- we'll go straight from babies, to seminary, to waiting up for teens to come home, to menopause and hot flashes.

Is this true?  Moms, help me out: when do Moms get to sleep?


Myrnie is a tired mom.  She blogs about life over at I, Wonder Woman and talks about her latest gardening, home school, and homesteading projects at DIY Mama.

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