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Stuff We Liked This Week

All week long, Caroline and I cruise Pinterest pinning all our amazeballs finds. It's seriously one of our favorite new haunts! I like it because I can see the types of things my friends are inspired by--which reminds me why they're my friends.
It's also a super fun way to get those creative juices flowing! 
And a super easy way to waste TONS of time. #CanYouSayAddicting? 
It's also a better option for bookmarking because you can actually SEE what it was that you loved without having to bookmark the entire site. 
And then hope you remember what it was you liked. 
(which I never can). 

Here are a few of our favorite finds from this week:

Have you done your Visiting Teaching yet for November? 
There's still time for you to print off the VT Handout and give your sisters a loaf of bread. 
It's totally OK to buy the bread and not bake it. Pinky swear. 



i totally printed this off and framed it.
you'll find it sitting front and center on my desk. 


I am starting now to scour the local thrift stores so that come spring-- 
This puppy will be happily hanging on BOTH of my fences.


QFT = Quoted For Truth!
We all need to print this off and hang it above our computer screens-- 
Remember:  Always Be Nice to Each Other!


 This Thanksgiving Banner that Caroline did is incredible.
Her craft blog actually makes me want to be crafty.
That's huge, people. HUGE.


WE write our own endings -- That is the most liberating thought ever! 


 Every year I say I'm going to make this -- This year I am.
For Sure.

I think. 



That's it for this weeks finds on the Internets!
See you next week,

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