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Stuff We Liked This Week

Take a peek at what we loved this week while surfing the 'net. 


 Have you seen the FREE Christmas Printables Caroline put up on her blog?
So Cute.
Make sure you scroll through the whole thing--
She's got more FREE crap than you can shake a stick at!


Can you say easy Christmas Gifts for Teens? 
Or Neighbors? 


Ya'll know you've hit my 'hood if you see this as a viable WIFI option. 


I so testify, amen.


They suggested that you use your kids school artwork.
I'm using swanky paper. 
Your options are limitless.

I've started following Blickenstaffs on Pinterest. 
They have some pretty cool boards showing you how the stuff
you can find in their store is MORE than just candy or toys.
Talk about Inspiration!
And, fun ways to decorate.

Do you Pinterest? If so, follow us so we can follow you back and see what kinds of things your pinning! 

See you next week,

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