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To Rent or to Own?

We moved again.

We have now moved nine times in just over eight years of marriage. 

Readers, I am immensely tired of moving. 

Oh so tired. 

My visiting teaching companion was shocked to hear about our nomadic ways. "Won't you ever settle down and buy a house?" she asked me recently. 

And well, I just don't know the answer.

It's true. We are pushing a decade of marital bliss, we have four children, but have never owned a house. 

I am so conflicted over this whole "home ownership" situation! On the one hand, of course it sounds lovely to "own" a house. On the other hand, it feels equally lovely to call the landlord when the toilet cracks and needs replacing. 

I fully understand the idea of "equity" and all of the legitimate reasons to own a house. We've seriously considered it more than once; taking the plunge and buying a house. It just hasn't ever worked out. 

My children don't seem to mind our perpetual rental situation. They flow along with us smoothly as children tend to do from house to house, state to state as we grown-ups chase the American Dream. 

Does it matter to a child or a family if they own or rent? Is it a requisite as a normal family to eventually reside in a home you pay the bank for? Or is that a myth perpetuated by suburban home-owners' associations?

I'm plagued with indecision and doubt. Maybe someday?

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