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What Would You Do - An Update

After my post, What Would You Do, I thought it was important to give an update on my friend's situation with her husband.  And from so many who commented on how the "facebook situation" should be handled, I was in awe....for a couple of reasons.

1. That so many knew instantly how they would've handled the situation.

2. That so many weren't afraid to share how they would've handled the situation.

I think what I felt after reading many of your responses, was a confirmation of what I knew was true in my heart, but didn't have the nerve to say to my friend at the time.

To quote Rachel Sue, "Red flags are flying. At least in my head. Big, huge red flags. Not okay."

Then there were those that were hesitant to judge the situation, feeling that they didn't know the whole story.  And while I understood their feelings.....they left me feeling confused and hurt.

It's true we shouldn't judge others because, yes, there are two sides to every story.  But in my mind, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.....9.9 times out of 10, it isn't a cow.

I was just afraid to say what it was.  A big ol' loud duck.

And by the time I did share what I felt, it was already comfirmed to her by her husband that indeed, she wasn't "crazy", but that he did have a problem with inappropriate relationships with others via facebook.

So where did my friend go from that point?

She is currently on a road she never thought she'd ever find herself on.......and while I cannot share the details, I am grateful to report, her husband is getting help and they are working together to repair and rebuild their eternal relationship.

Ultimately it will be up to her husband to resolve the deeper issues that are going on within himself that caused him to go outside of their marriage for attention from other women, but she is determined to do all that she can to support and love him through it.

She is a tender mercy of the Lord to her family.

I don't know if I could've put up with what she has.  But I know her husband is forever grateful she is willing to give him a second chance.

About the Author: Katy is a musically inclined mother of three who loves life, her husband Dave, and cheesecake. Ahhhh....blessed cheesecake. Her fun filled roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Admission is always free.

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