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Let Them Be Little

My kids are really into discussing what they want to be when they grow up.

It changes based on books we read, movies they watch, people they observe and basically whatever whim they happen to be riding on that day. 

It's adorable. I really enjoy the conversations revolving around their grown-up-selves. They are so sure and confident. Recently, Spencer declared, "In the spring, I'll be a cowboy, in the summer, I'll be Batman, in the winter, I'll be a fireman, and in the summer, I'll be a therapist." 

Rock on little man. 

But the adverse of this delightful dreaming is that I am in no hurry for my children to get big and go be grownups. Nor do I want them to be a in hurry for all that adult stuff. 

I want so much to slow down the days and time. I want them to love every second of being little. It flies by so fast! There will be decades of being a cowboy/Batman/fireman/therapist. And sometimes it feels like being an adult is way more work than it's worth. 

There is a saying floating around, "Let them be little." I wholeheartedly agree. Children deserve their childhoods. I am adamant about that. Yes they need to learn to work, and fulfill responsibilities, but above all else, I think they need to be little. 

So, I'll indulge their idea that being a grownup is way more fun than being a kid, but I hope they dream big but stay little... for a little bit longer anyway.

Morgan blogs obsessively at The Ing Family. Come visit. She can almost guarantee a post about bodily functions on a weekly basis.

Photo credit: Morgan

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