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A Case of the Mom Frump: Take Two

Be gone Frumpy Mom!

Well, some months ago, I wrote a piece about being a frumpy mom.

And people had ALL kinds of things to say about it. From, "You and me both!" to "Oh my gosh you basically pulled a bait and switch on your husband!"

Yes, people feel very very strongly about this whole subject.

So, all of the comments really got me thinking and considering.

Since then, I've been making an effort.

I know, shocking, right?

I am attempting, these days, to get dressed in the morning, not just throw on whatever. I am trying to learn more about what looks nice and what goes with what.

I am far from perfect. I still throw on yoga pants some days. But I throw on a skirt on a weekday quite often now too.

My clothes still get covered in goo, it's true. Today my white tunic (why did I buy white?) got smeared with graham cracker. But, I have found that is what stain spray is for.

And the result?

Well, I don't think my husband loves me any more than before.

I don't think anyone has noticed the change at all.

Except me of course.

I do like looking nice. I do like walking around with my four kids and thinking, "Yes, my children are crazy, but at least I look put together!"

I still fail at wearing my wedding ring. Sorry. It's just not my thing. Husband is looking into plain bands for me.

I still don't put on make-up everyday. I don't think I ever will. I am allergic to most, and they make my face hurt!

But my hair is as neat as I can make it. My clothes are clean (as I can manage) and as "outfit-like" as possible.

It's a good thing.

I must MUST place this disclaimer: I have purchased almost nothing to make this switch. The few pieces I have bought were from the thrift store, a blouse here and there and a couple of skirts and even a pair of second-hand skinny jeans (GASP!). I know my budget has no wiggle room, name brands from the mall are NOT an option. If you're interested in making a change, I strongly suggest you start with thrift stores. Because if you buy something that doesn't work for you, you're out four bucks instead of forty.

I guess the moral of the story is: Don't knock it til you've tried it.

Morgan blogs about life. And you know, stuff. Check her out!

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