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My Best Joy

* There are toys strewn from one end of my house to the other.

* My floors are desperate to see a mop.

* The smells of rotten milk, and dirty diapers no longer phase me.

* Often my house could be mistaken for Temper Tantrum City.

* Tasks that used to take me 30 seconds, now take a minimum of 3 minutes.

* I spend part of my day chasing/ entertaining a toddler, trying to stay a step ahead of him.

* I spend the other part on a never-ending treadmill of dishes and laundry and housework.

This life is not glamorous. It's early mornings, and up-all-night nights. Its a lot of hard work. It is also Love. It is me being my best self. I wouldn't trade this time away for anything. It is my best joy.


Heather likes to think of herself as A Goddess in Progress!, which is where she normally shares the personal triumphs, failures, and random events of her life as a military wife and mother. She's also can be found at A Healthy Goddess in Progress.


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