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Stuff We Like

We've found some pretty slick stuff this past week from the 'net that we think you're gonna like.

The first being this video. You have to click on it to watch it-- it's only 1:29 minutes and I promise you'll be glad you did. This next week I solemnly  swear to eat my frog first!


Tic Tacs are practically a staple at my house. In fact, I wish the food pyramid people would just go ahead and add them to the four food groups because that would sure simplify my life and ease my guilt load.

We also have stock -- or should at least -- in all the bobby pin factories of the world. Because HOL. EE. COW. I find them EVERYWHERE! Except when I need them. And then I can't. So, this idea? Lurve it.


 There are oodles of these Keep Calm Signs-- "Keep Calm, eat chocolate." "Keep Calm and blog on!" "Keep Calm Eat Cupcakes." But this one? Lurve It.  Sometimes we forget to Keep Calm and totally lose it. And, it's OK. Usually. There's always tomorrow. Just remember: No Killing Please. It's against the rules.


I have a St. Patty's Day baby and I'm always looking for fun things to do for her. This one I especially love. It involves two of her favorite things: Liquorice and Chocolate.


 Need we say more? 


This picture speaks to my soul-- If you can't love yourself, how can anyone else? 
Be Kind to Yourself. Believe in Yourself. LOVE Yourself. 
You ARE beautiful and you can do whatever you set your mind to!


Catch ya next time,

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