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Stuff We Like

Boy. That week went fast, didn't it?

Oh. It was just us? Never mind then. It seems like these weeks are just FLYING by.

Anyway. Here are the things that caught our fancy this week.

Oh My. Do we ever have a thing for lap shades. 
We showed you one a few weeks back made out of photo negatives. 
This one? Love it like a fish loves water! 


Big HUGE fan of hanging mason jars. 



A magnet board for all your makeup? 
Yes Please. 


I have a corner in my house that I am going to do this to. 
My kids LOVE books and I need a way to store them t
hat won't require more furniture taking up our precious space! 


This is going in all of my bathrooms. Such a great idea and totally easy! 


Cookies. I needs them.

Catch ya next time, 

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