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Yes, I Sure Have My Hands Full

"Four boys? Are they all yours?"

"Woah, Mama, have a girl already!"

"Are you done, or are you going to keep trying for that girl?"

"You sure have your hands full!"

Yes, they are all mine. Thank you for your advice on having a girl. No we do not plan to continue procreating forever until we make a female. I do indeed have my hands full.

I know people aren't trying to be impolite or nosy. I know. I typically don't say any of the responses I dream up to the comments and questions. I just smile and laugh.

But, since when did four children get to be such a big deal? Is it because they are all boys? All very small? I don't know why, but I am a weird creature to people. Strangers and friends alike.

I live in Utah, even! You'd think here of all places four children would be viewed as the norm. But it's not. There is only one other family in our ward (other than the grandmas who had their children a generation or two ago) with four or more children. The rest (that I know of) have two or three and are (VOCALLY) done.

I don't care how many children a family does (or doesn't) have. So, why do people care if I have four, five or twelve? They are cared for, fed, loved and educated.

Maybe I'm overly sensitive to the comments. Maybe I just feel "judged" because I am different with my FOUR WHOLE children. And ALL BOYS!

But it seems to me that four is not that many.

How many is "a lot" to you? Do people only make comments to me?


Morgan blogs amongst boys and clutter. It's super fun! Come visit.

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