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Discussion Wednesday - Mommy Confessions

Sometimes when I go to do the dishes and realize that there are just a handful of dishes that need washing, I don't empty the dishwasher. I just stuff the new, dirty ones in and run another cycle.

Sometimes when it's dinner time and I'm really tired, I tell my kids that its backwards day and we're having breakfast for dinner. Cause Cold Cereal rocks, yo.

Sometimes when I go to clean my little kids rooms and there are clothes everywhere rather than sort it all out I just re-wash everything.

Sometimes when I need to clean the shower and bathe the dog, I do them both at the same time... In my swimming suit. And, I end up getting a shower in before 3pm, too.

Sometimes when I go do the laundry and there are just a few things that need to be washed rather than fold the clothes I just got out I put them all back in the washer and do a whole new cycle. Yes. I'm lazy like that.

Call 'em what you want: 
Short cuts. Cheats. Secrets. Confessions. Whatever. 
We all have 'em. Those handy little things that we do to make our housework, cooking or just life easier.
It's time to spill the beans. 
What are YOUR Mommy Confessions? 
Ready. Set. Confess.

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