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Free LDS Conference Printables

 For a lot of us, General Conference weekend is a special event, where we gather with friends and family to listen to the words of the living prophets.

And if you're anything like me, you try to get your house in order beforehand, including quiet games and activities for the kids, and ALSO the food. (I hate cooking between sessions, because I end up being alone by myself and not enjoying anything about it.... so I don't cook that weekend. Nope, I FLAT OUT REFUSE.)

Anyway. I know that there are lots of fun traditions, like women getting together during the Priesthood session, and I thought this would be a fun addition to your conference weekend. 
You could print out the baggie toppers, and attach them to a brown paper bag full of goodies! At the start of each session, everyone gets a new bag.
I just like the idea of making conference an exciting family event, because that's what it should be. 

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