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Stuff We Liked This Week

Buckle your seat belts, girls we're goin' for a ride this week. We found some pretty swanky finds and we think you're gonna love 'em. Like a lot.

This felt headband is swanky hot.  Love it like the fat girl in me loves ice cream. 
But, what I love even more is the headband on this old book. 
Dude. Can I has it?
Like now? 


These Monster Critters are all the rage right now and me thinks I'll be making these with my kids this weekend. Apparently there is book you can buy to make these babies. I shall be purchasing pronto. 


This Popsicle Memory Game is so flippin' adorable that I can hardly stand it.
Check out this super easy tutorial if you're jonesing for your own game! 


Can you tell that we have an overabundance of Popsicle sticks at our house? 
Yeah. Totally made this, too. Our little ones LOVE it and its a great quiet activity for church. 

You're welcome. 


Instead of throwing those toilet paper rolls away, why not roll them in birdseed instead? All you need is the toilet paper roll, peanut butter and birdseed. Once you've rolled it, hang it over a branch and watch as your house becomes the most popular house on the bird block.




Catch ya next time, 

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