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Discussion Wednesday - Church & Politics

Religion and Politics.

The one thing I was taught that a lady must never discuss in public.

And yet we now have a Mormon as a Presidential Candidate and all I hear everywhere I go is Politics and Religion.

I think it is interesting how some people feel so passionately about their political views and bring it up regularly that if you don't see the world as they do, or vote the way they do, then you aren't as spiritual or righteous as they are.

That sort of bugs me. A lot.

What do you guys think? 
How do you handle the "Mormon running for President" topic? 
Some Mormons love him, and some don't. 
Do you vote for the Mormon simply because YOU are a Mormon? 
How do you handle the topic when it's brought up?
Let's discuss religion and politics. 
Ready. Set. Comment.

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