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Discussion Wednesday - Internet Manners

Technology is pretty wicked awesome. I love the way its made my life so much easier. In the same breath, I hate how rude its made us all. People do and say things now, on the Internet and in real life that ten years ago they never would have said or done.

It's super easy to shoot off a snarky, mean comment or email and we forget about the people sitting on the other side of the screen actually reading those comments.

We say things to clerks at stores that we NEVER would have done ten years ago because this super awesome technology that has made our lives so much easier has also erased our basic manner skills and how we treat  each other.

So, with that in mind lets talk about manners, and more specifically Internet Manners. 

Our personal rule is that if you wouldn't walk into the persons living room 
and say the things to their FACE then you shouldn't say it to them on the Internet.  

What makes people feel like its OK to say mean things to others via the Internet-- whether via an email, a comment or my personal favorite an Anonymously?? 
What are YOUR Internet manner guidelines?

oh. and PS: There is no such thing as anonymous on the Internet. Not ever, ever.

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