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The Prayer Fight

My kids, bless their hearts, like to fight with each other. 

And since we have a strict, keep your hands to yourself rule, they have found new and interesting ways to fight with one another. 

There's quite a few more fights that go on, because, you know, SIBLINGS. But lately, they have taken it to a whole new low. 

They have begun to prayer fight. 

And dear friends, I have had to STOP people in the middle of a prayer, so that we could go over new prayer rules, effective immediately. 

Of course, since I'm the big bad mother who is telling people that they are praying wrong, when the teacher at church said that you could pray any way you want, whenever you need help, they immediately had to change their prayers. 

Because, after all, *I'm* the one with a problem. 

* * * * * * * * 
About the Author: Caroline Bingham is managing editor of She also makes all the cute printables here on MMB, as well as on her other blog, Peonies & Poppyseeds. You can follow her on Twitter, @poppyseedblog, or on her blog, Caroline and her husband live in Virginia with their four children.

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