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Talking about New Era Content + A Survey

Editors Note: The New Era contacted MMB recently and asked us if we would help facilitate a conversation with all of you awesome parents and  youth leaders. They want your input and help in starting conversations online, as well as sharing content on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest. Please take the time to read this post from the Managing Editor of the New Era and then take the quick survey. By taking the survey you can opt in to be an "ambassador", of sorts, for the New Era. This is an excellent opportunity for all of our readers to know what will be the most beneficial content they can share that will then help in starting conversations online.


Whether we’re parents or youth leaders, a lot of us are looking for ways to help youth understand more about the gospel and help them see that others just like them are striving to live God’s standards (even when it seems like the rest of the world may not be). So when you find articles or ideas to help your youth, they’re worth sharing. Lucky for us, there’s help each month in the New Era magazine. For example, if you’re planning an activity about the upcoming Mutual theme, this Mormonad may be just what you were looking for (and something you’d want to add to your Pinterest board).

Or if you’re talking about the importance of a wearing a modest prom dress, this young woman’s story may help. If you’re sharing thoughts on avoiding steady dating during teen years, this article gives great insights from a young woman.

See what I mean: there may be content from the New Era and on to help you start a discussion on your blog.

So if you’re interested in receiving ideas for talking about youth topics each month, take this survey. It will help us know what topics you’re most interested in receiving updates about and will help the New Era staff know how and when to best contact you.

Click here to take the survey from the New Era.

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